Travel to school

The journey to and from school provides a good opportunity to introduce walking and cycling into a child's day, or to increase confidence in using public transport.

Walking, cycling or riding the bus together can give you valuable time with your children without the distraction of driving and parking, and can help children control their weight and blood pressure, as well as performing better at school.

Rethink the school run

Walking to school

Your local schools

There are three primary schools within walking distance of Woodside. has been used to plan the quietest walking routes to each of these schools. The range of journey times below relate to fast and slow walking speeds. These routes are shown on the map.

- Kippax Greenfield Primary School (7-14 minutes)
- Kippax Ash Tree Primary School (7-15 minutes)
- Kippax North Primary School (16-32 minutes)

Cycling to school

There are two high schools within cycling distance of Woodside. On busier roads children can walk with their bikes on the pavement if they are not yet confident on the road.

The quickest route to Garforth Academy is 14 minutes via Leeds Road. Using quieter streets and off-road paths the route takes 25 minutes. Brigshaw High School is a 10 minute cycle.

Go to to plan your cycling route from Woodside to your child’s school.

Riding with your child is a good way to get exercise for yourself and accustom children to cycling on roads. Advice on cycling with children of primary school age can be found on the Cycling UK website.

Taking the bus to school

Your children may be eligible for free transport to school if:

- They live more than 2 miles from school
- They have a disability which means they can’t walk to school
- You have a disability which means that you can’t accompany them on their walk to school
- You are a low income household
- Walking to school is unsafe because there is no pavement

All of these criteria are based on different ages and which school you attend, so check out the school transport page of the Leeds City Council website to see if your child qualifies.

Two high schools and one primary school are accessible by bus from Woodside, as shown on the map above and described here:

Garforth Academy

To get to Garforth Academy you can catch the 174, 175 or 175A from Leeds Road and alight at the junction of Selby Road and Leeds Road. The door-to-door journey time is less than 20 minutes.

Brigshaw High School & Great Preston Church of England Primary School

To get to Brigshaw High School or Great Preston Church of England Primary School you can catch the 163 or 166 from Gibson Lane and alight at the stop opposite school. The door-to-door journey time is less than 20 minutes.

There is also a school bus service from Gibson Lane to Brigshaw High School. The service leaves Gibson Lane at 08:01 every school morning (arriving at school at 08:10) and leaves school at 15:15 in the afternoon (arriving at Gibson Lane at 15:24). More information is available at on the Generation M website.