Cycling is a great way to fit exercise into your routine. 

Cycling can fit into your daily life better than many other forms of exercise because it doubles up as transport to work, the shops, or to school; saving you money, helping the environment, and keeping you fit - all at once! The Useful links section on this page has all the resources you need to plan a cycle journey.

Why cycle?


According to Cyclescheme, switching to two wheels instead of four could save you up to £3,000 a year. You’ll avoid the costs of running a car – fuel, insurance, maintenance and more – and you might decide that cycling means you no longer need a gym membership.

Cycling is a low-impact exercise and easier on your joints than running or high impact aerobic activities, according to the NHS. Research has shown that cycling can improve levels of concentration and alertness, more so than driving, as cycling releases endorphins which boost your energy levels.

And if this wasn’t enough, people who cycle in mid-adulthood enjoy a level of fitness equivalent to someone 10 years younger! There is more information on the health benefits of cycling on the Cycling UK website.

Cycle training

If you would like to start cycling, but are not feeling confident you can get free training, whatever your age, from Cycle Leeds. You can also increase your confidence by sticking to off-road routes at first (perhaps driving to the start of the route) and then progressing to routes which require you to mix with traffic.

Cycle routes

The Sustrans National Route 697 of the National Cycle Network can be reached at Great Preston, approximately 10 minutes on a bicycle from Kippax. It connects Garforth to Allerton Bywater and the route is largely on top of a disused railway line which has been resurfaced, and is therefore smooth and mostly traffic free. At Allerton Bywater you can join route 67 towards Leeds city centre along the River Aire (traffic free). These routes are shown on the West Yorkshire cycle map, which also has a journey planner function.

The Useful links section of this page has all the resources you need to plan a cycle journey.

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Cycle to work or school

Visit the Travel to work and Travel to school pages for details about cycling to specific employment and education destinations.